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If you are a California consumer that ended up with a "lemon" and need a statewide lemon law attorney that serves the city you live in, we are here to provide free help and consultation.

If you have a problematic "lemon" car, truck, SUV, or van, you may be entitled to protection and restitution under the California lemon law.  The California lemon law provides for a repurchase (buyback) of the qualifying problem vehicle, or a new vehicle replacement.

Your California lemon law rights can be enforceable on the automobile manufacturer.  That's where we come in.  We enforce the lemon law in California.  We enforce a consumers California lemon law rights.

Our firm has successfully settled over 10,000 California lemon law cases.  We are not a "lemon law mill" firm that operates in multiple states under the "large case volume means large profits" philosophy.  We are California lemon law attorneys practicing only California lemon law.  We take great care with every client and lemon law case, ensuring the most respectful and productive communication environment with our clients.

If you think you have a potential California lemon law claim, you owe it to yourself to contact us for a free same-day case review and evaluation by our attorneys.  Please call us at the toll-free number at the top of this website.

Your California lemon law rights do not require "arbitration".  Automobile manufacturers would lead you to believe this is a requirement to pursue a lemon law claim/case.  It is not.

Your California lemon law rights do not require you to write letters to the auto manufacturer.  In California, the car dealership is an agent of the manufacturer, and for purposes of our California lemon law, are one in the same.  When you present your vehicle to an authorized dealership for warranty repairs, a warranty claim is submitted to the manufacturer for your vehicle.  What this means is that the automobile manufacturer has the ability to simply review the "warranty repair history" on your vehicle and know it's a lemon.  Why don't they do that and just offer to buy back the "lemon"?  Answer - they are in the business of selling vehicles to make a profit, not buy them back and lose profits.

Many California consumers have purchased what is known as a "Certified Pre-Owned" used car.  This is a vehicle that is sold by the franchised dealer for that make/brand, and the manufacturer provides the consumer with a written warranty.  A valid California lemon law claim can be invoked on "Certified Pre-Owned" vehicles.  Your California lemon law rights for a valid lemon law claim are essentially the same as though you had purchased the vehicle new.

Residents of California that lease a vehicle have the same California lemon law rights as those who purchased.  So, if you leased a vehicle that turned out to be problematic, we invite you to contact us.

California is one of very few states in the U.S. that has what is known as an "attorney's fees and costs provision".  This means that the time that the attorney spends with the automobile manufacturer is paid by the manufacturer to the attorney.  This makes hiring an attorney to pursue a California lemon law claim a reality for consumers who may have otherwise thought that hiring an attorney was financially unfeasible.

Most frequently asked questions by consumers - with answers.
A “vehicle repurchase” means that you get a refund of the monies your have expended to buy or lease the vehicle. Down-payment, monthly payments, license fees, rental car and towing expenses. Also your loan or lease will be paid off in-full by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will get a deduction for some of your use of the vehicle, however, only for the use before the vehicle became a lemon (We will calculate that for you.)

A “vehicle replacement” It means that you receive the same vehicle you currently own/lease except that it will be a brand new one in the current model year. Your present loan (or lease) stays in place (subject to financial institution approval) and you simply continue to make the same loan (or lease) payment on the new vehicle as you did on the “lemon” vehicle. Your only expense (if any) is a payment for the use of your vehicle before it became a lemon.

“How do I know if I qualify?” “How do I know if I have a lemon law case?” This is the most important part of your choice of lemon law lawyer firm. We know what makes up a California lemon law case against the automobile manufacturer by our experience in settling/winning thousands of lemon law cases over 20 years. 

Would you like to know if you have a lemon law case? Need an answer quick? Call us right now at 1-800-CA-LEMON (1-800-225-3666). You won’t have to wait days for an answer. You only have to provide us with the information we need by fax or e-mail today - and you will know if you have a pursuable case within 24 hours! 

Would you like to have your potential lemon law case assessed on-line? Use the convenient “free on-line case review” link to the left of this text. We will respond back to you within 24 hours.

You will be pleased to know that under our California Lemon Law, the auto manufacturer is required to pay our billed attorneys fees and costs in your case.

“Do I have to go to court?” With our firm (as opposed to many other law firms), going to court is rarely required. Out of every 1,000 cases we settle without ever having to see a courtroom, less than 3 will require going to court to enforce our clients California lemon law rights. We go the mile – and beyond – to enforce our clients California lemon law rights.

“There are literally dozens of lemon law firms advertising on the internet, how do I choose the right one?”

Answer? -  You utilize the legal services of the largest lemon law firm in the state of California – Us!

“How long does it take for the manufacturer to agree to settle the case?” Many of our cases settle in just 7-10 days. The majority settle in 30-45 days. Some will require longer periods of time to convince the manufacturer (sometimes employing a lawsuit) to settle the case on the offending vehicle. In these instances our experience on seeing the case through is vitally important to you the consumer. No one wants their case to be “dropped” by their lawyer part-way through a case just because the filing of a lawsuit is required. We will see your case through to it’s best conclusion.

“I may want to speak directly with the lemon law lawyer face-to-face. Can I do this?” “Can I get a free consultation?” Absolutely! Our firm has offices in key cities throughout California, and we meet clients to discuss their potential lemon law case on an appointment basis. You may also choose to have us handle everything over the phone after we have reviewed your faxed-in (or e-mailed) documents, as thousands of our clients have over the past 20 years. The choice is always yours!

“I don’t want to front any money, nor be responsible to pay attorneys fees if my case isn’t won. How do you address this?” When you choose California’s largest lemon law firm, there is no money up front, no up-front retainer checks written, no money due during the duration of your case, and no attorney’s fees responsibility if we are unable to recover for you in your lemon law case. When you choose the largest lemon law firm in the state, you don’t have to take risks.

Need more information about filing a California Lemon Law Case? Please “click” on the topics on the left side of this web page, or simply call us. Calling our law firm will introduce you to a level of personalized and professional service you will welcome. We know ending up with a lemon vehicle is both frustrating and time-consuming. It’s time to have the lemon law experts step in.

Call us today and exercise your California lemon law rights.  
We look forward to hearing from you.

Call anywhere from California: 1-800-CA-LEMON (1-800-225-3666)

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